can not open

This article introduces how to do if you can not open, is Tenda portable wireless router management address. When you configure the Tenda portable wireless router, many users find that they cannot open, the reason is mostly computer IP address configuration error.

Note: it is recommended to use a laptop to configure the series of routers, so you need to configure the IP address of the wireless network card on the laptop. This article takes the Windows XP system as an example.

Correctly configure the computer IP

In the new version of the Tenda portable wireless router, the DHCP server has been enabled by default, such as the new version of A6, A31 and so on. It only needs to configure the computer IP address to automatically acquire.

1. right – click “online neighbor” – > click ‘attribute’.
2. right click on “wireless network connection” – > select “property” (Note: wireless network connection, not local connection).
3. double click on the “Internet” protocol (TCP/IP).
4. select “automatically get IP address”, “automatically get DNS server address” – > “confirm”.
Connect Notebook to Tengda portable wireless router through wireless way, then you can open setup interface in browser.