The IP address is the default IP of router or ADSL modem. HUAWEI router’s default IP address is, this article will teach you how to solve the problems of

Which routers use

There are several devices use it, such as: Arris TM502G, Cisco 815, Motorola SB5100 SB5100E SB5101 SB5101E, Motorola SUTFboardeXtreme Wireless Cable Modem Gateway, Thomson DCW725, Ubee Interactive U10C019, Webstar webstar epc2100 epc2100. HUAWEI rouer use it, too.

How to log in

Just enter in your browser, then enter username and password, you will log in. After you log in router, you can change the router’s setting, such as: change wireless password, change default IP, default username or password.

What’s the difference between and

They are different IP, can be used in computer or router, it is in the LAN of is the router’s default IP address.

How to find the default username and password?

The default username and password are on the back of routers, most of router’s default username is admin. Here is a default router password list. If you can not find them in the list, you can reset router by holding the reset button for 10s, then it will be reset successfully.

I’m particularly interested in IT technology, I often share some of the IT techniques, If this article is helpful to you, please help me to share it. router login is the IP address of huawei router login. Specifications:HG8010H, HG8040H, HG8110H, HG8240H, HG8242H, HG8045Q.

How to log in IP address?

1. Win7 has the default telnet service, open the control panel program and function – to open or close the function of windows – “telnet server” and “telnet client” to confirm open and then open the start menu – -cmd.
2. input: telnet username: root password: admin.
3. input: get port config PortId 1, in which the value of portvid= is VLAN ID, portpri= value is 802.1p value, write down, and so on will be useful.
4. You should be in the local area connection specified in IP, IP address: (from can), subnet mask will automatically generate, default gateway: (this is the default address of HUAWEI HG8245). The following DNS server address does not need to be filled in.
5. Log in HG8245, enter and return in the address bar! The user name is telecomadmin, and the password is admintelecom.

What should you do if you forget your username or password?

1. When you have forgotten the username or password, don’t worry. We made a list of router’s password. Click¬†Default username and password list.
2. If you can not find your router in the list, you can reset the router by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.