How to Secure Your Wireless Home Network

This article will show you how to set up a router to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless home network. You can do this by setting up the panel on the router. Keep in mind that the management panel of each brand’s router is different, which means that you’ll most likely need to find the changed settings.

Don’t tell people your network password

In doing so, you may not seem very friendly, but you can help them set up the wireless password. Don’t let them enter wireless passwords.

Put the router at home

In addition to making your router coverage more balanced, this will also restrict the router from exceeding the family’s scope. This means that potential network intruders will not be able to sit outside your home and still connect to the network.

Disconnect the router when you don’t use it

If you plan to leave your home for a weekend or longer, please unplug the router and modem. This is not only a security precaution, but also an active security measure that prevents any potential attacker from connecting to your Internet when you can’t stop it.

Use a boring network name

This may sound silly, but changing the smart Wi-Fi network name to a boring network name reduces its chances of being picked as a potential target. You can use the manufacturer and its number of the router (e.g., “Belkin-5030”) .

Disable the network sharing of the computer

You will often use network sharing at work, but it is best not to share your computer at home. It will make your computer a weak link in network security.

  1. Windows – Follow these instructions.
  2. Mac – Click the Apple menu Image titled Macapple1.png , click System Preferences…, click Sharing, and uncheck the “File Sharing” box.


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) hide your network activity in the process by booting your network traffic through one or more exception servers. VPNs don’t necessarily protect your network because they hide it, but this is usually enough to prevent attacks and reduce the likelihood of future attacks.

Use the new technology router

Like any technology, routers will lose value in a few years, especially in the security sector. As network threats continue to update and develop, a new router will be better secure than a three or four-year router.

set up router with mobile phone

In this article, I mainly give you a detailed description of how to use a mobile phone to set up a wireless router.

In fact, it’s the same to set up a router with a mobile phone or a computer. Also, I personally feel that it is more convenient to use a mobile phone to set up a router than to use a computer.

When you buy a new router, or a reset router, use a mobile phone to set up the Internet, please follow the following steps:
1. Connect the router correctly.
2. Connect the WiFi signal to the router with a mobile phone.
3. Set up a router with a mobile phone.
4. Check whether or not it is successful.

Connect the router correctly

1. The wire connected in the modem is inserted in the WAN port of the tplink router. If your home broadband does not use a modem, you need to plug the network line into the WAN port of the tplink router.
2. If you have a computer in your home, connect to any port in the router’s LAN (1\2\3\4) with a network line.
Connect the WiFi signal to the router with a mobile phone.
When you have connected the WAN port of the router , the phone needs to open the WLAN, and connect to the WiFi signal of this router.

Set up a router with a mobile phone

1. Find the management address of the router
At the bottom of the router, or in other places, there is usually a nameplate. In this nameplate, the router’s management address will be displayed. In the general router bottom nameplate, the information behind the options of “management page”, “login address”, “login IP” and “IP address” is the setting address of the router. The IP address is or
2. Log in the router
Take as an example, how to log in router. router settings

This article introduces the installation and setup method of router, is the IP address of the Tengda portable wireless router, the common types of A8 of Tengda, A31, W151M, G6, A5+, A5S etc. In this article, take the most used A6 portable wireless router in Tengda as an example to introduce the method of setting up routers.

Friendship tip: please prepare a laptop for configuration, or a desktop computer with a USB wireless network card.

Step one: configure the computer IP

We take the Windows XP system as an example, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users refer to the article: How to set up the dynamic IP address of the computer.
1. Right click “online neighbor” – > click ‘attribute’.
2. Right click on “wireless network connection” – > select “property” (Note: wireless network connection, not local connection).
3. Double click on “Internet protocol (TCP/IP)”.
4. Select “automatically get IP address”, “automatically get DNS server address” – > “confirm”.

Step two: wirelessly connect to the router

1. Right click on “wireless network connection” – > select “view the available wireless connection”.
2. Select a wireless network named Tenda_XXXXXX (X is the back of the MAC address on the back of A6) – > click “connection”.

Step three: configure the router

1. login settings interface: open the browser on the computer, enter in browser, press enter key (Enter key) – > click “jump to home page” in the jump page. (if can’t open, read the article: can not open.)
2. click the “Setup Wizard” to enter the Internet mode selection. The new version of the Tengda A6 mini wireless router provides the 3 types of Internet access: “Hotel mode”, “home mode” and “wireless signal amplification mode”. Users choose according to their Internet environment.

Hotel mode: usually when users move to hotels or hotels, there is a network cable that can be surfed online. When routers connect to this network cable, they choose “Hotel mode”.
(1) select the “Hotel mode” – > click “next step”.
(2) configure wireless network: set up the name of wireless signal, pay attention not to use Chinese > security mode choose: WPA-PSK > set password > click next.
(3) click “next step”.
(4) click “finish”. can not open

This article introduces how to do if you can not open, is Tenda portable wireless router management address. When you configure the Tenda portable wireless router, many users find that they cannot open, the reason is mostly computer IP address configuration error.

Note: it is recommended to use a laptop to configure the series of routers, so you need to configure the IP address of the wireless network card on the laptop. This article takes the Windows XP system as an example.

Correctly configure the computer IP

In the new version of the Tenda portable wireless router, the DHCP server has been enabled by default, such as the new version of A6, A31 and so on. It only needs to configure the computer IP address to automatically acquire.

1. right – click “online neighbor” – > click ‘attribute’.
2. right click on “wireless network connection” – > select “property” (Note: wireless network connection, not local connection).
3. double click on the “Internet” protocol (TCP/IP).
4. select “automatically get IP address”, “automatically get DNS server address” – > “confirm”.
Connect Notebook to Tengda portable wireless router through wireless way, then you can open setup interface in browser.