A friend bought a new laptop and wireless internet access for laptop to access the router. In the browser input router is not open, specific performance for access router IP (usually http: / / or) but not open the page, which in the end is what reason?
Understand what is.

IP (Class A), (class B), (Class C) is a network reservation address. Therefore ip192.168.1.1 is a network address reservation, most brand router settings page of the default address (IP And other address, but basic all is router 192.168.*.* such address).

The correct access method is input: or (HTTP can be omitted, that is, the direct input of or can be). Note that different brands of routers, the default IP access address is not the same, but also allows the user to modify the default address. So please refer to the instruction manual for the specific address. Also must add that a point is usually the default port is 80, so access to omit the address the port (full address is 80 http: / /, if you modify the port value, you need to complete the writing, such as If the address is not a mistake, but still encounter can not open how to do it? Check Ping is normal when not enter, performance for IE input cannot display the webpage, it may be a network connection problems, we can use Ping check: click the windows start button, in order to choose “programs > Accessories > command prompt, type” Ping “(note the Ping behind a space in the open a command prompt window, direct written ping192.168.1.1 will be unable to get correct results). If the results indicate that similar to the one below, said Ping impassability, unable to explain from your computer access to the router.

Usually the following situation will lead to the failure of the Ping: the router does not pass. For example, the power adapter is not connected to the power, the router switch is not open, etc.. After the power of the router`s lights will shine. Network cable connection between the computer and the network problems, such as the loss of crystal head, cable breakage, loss of network card will result in not connected, of course, will not be able to log in. Change the cable or in another computer to access the router, if you can open the network cable or network card problems. The firewall has banned access to the router IP192.168.1.1. According to the different firewall software set up method, the lifting of the ban. Network settings are incorrect. For example, the machine`s IP address, subnet mask, gateway and other settings can not connect to the router. Refer to the router`s manual or check the settings below.

If there is no problem with the Ping, but can not log on how to do it? At this time to see if the user name and password is correct. Regardless of the user name or password any one error, you will encounter the problem of
After you have forgotten how to do this if you have a change in the router`s account or password? General router has reset function. Tp link, for example, in router back (there are many cable interface side), there is a marked “reset” the words of the holes, in electricity, with thin wire (or toothpick stiffer thin stick can be) extends to hold not to put, and unplug the power supply to the router. Then re energized, the connected network cable connected in the WLAN router port to your computer connected to the router LAN port, you can reset the router (router reset method is different, please refer to the instruction manual). After reset, and then connect to the, enter the initial user name and password, can not open the fault is generally lifted. The default account password, common password default value default value: admin admin, user name: admin Password: admin user name: admin Password: 123456, username: admin Password: 1234, user name: user password: password, user name: root password: root and username

Some of my friends do not know how to manage the router, do not know where to log in the router,in fact, the general home router is in the browser to log in management. Specific router landing address is which please refer to the following.

Generally we buy into the router product specification will be clearly marked landing address of the router, router login username and password etc.. Usually, landing address will generally marked on the back of the router, on some labels, above the record router order column number, at the same time also suggested that to your router landing address and username and password. In short, more than anything to see the manual.

If your router is not seen in the manual or the code on the router can also use the following login address to try to land, generally can solve the problem.

The vast majority of routers, including the number of wireless router landing address are:
Most wireless router login address is:
Can try more than 2 address when you encounter the router landing. Landing into is to enter the login screen, if not, please check the line and connection problems.

Conclusion: some network administrators for the security of the router, the general will change the router’s IP address, if you want to change the router’s IP address, please refer to the article:Teach you how to modify the router LAN address of the IP method.

Definition: is the default IP address for home broadband routers and access points are usually sold in some models other than the American.

Use to connect to the router:
If the router uses the address on the local network for, you can log on to the router’s console through the Web browser to point to

Some manufacturers using
This IP address is set to the default of some PHILPS, God’s brain and some other routers and access points to the manufacturer. However, any computer on a router or local network can be set to use (in order to avoid the address conflict, it is only on the network that a device should use it). is a private IPv4 network address, which means you can’t connect to the router, use the address from outside the home network. Instead, you must use the router’s public IP address.

I recently in the study of CCNA courses,for the study of the CCNA also specifically added a lot of CISCO Certification Group, in the group has just started a friend asked the author, and what is the difference? What is the connection between the two? To solve this problem, I think it is necessary to do a simple discussion, not to have a look at the understanding, after all, the ability to be limited. and is belonging to the class C IP address (IP to class C IP address range, the top three 8-bit bytes represent current network segment, after a specific number represents LAN in a computer), and the two address most of the time all assume a role of gateway, the egress router. Slightly some knowledge of network, friends all know that different segments between visits, must be a router or similar to the gateway device as an intermediary to communication, and and is to export gateway IP address.

Now on the market most brands of router uses the default management IP address or, such as all types of tp link router default gateway address for, and D-Link is, of course, we in the router configuration, modify the gateway address, but the factory this IP address had a brush into firmware to the.

When we set up the router, we often see the address format:
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Gateway (router):
Summary: in my opinion, the two address no what difference, are for use within the LAN (private) network, but is set for a different brand router default management address, this is the only.
There are more information of in

Router is our daily Internet access to an indispensable network equipment,but the Internet continues to play advertising? Do not kill the virus? Your router may be “black”! Just click on the link, QQ password, chat records, online banking passwords instantly sent to hackers! The reason is that many routers loopholes and back door! How to carry out the corresponding security settings?

First of all, we need to log into the router`s web management interface, here, I demo with TP-LINK router, router, the other interlinked) if we did not modify the router login IP, then for the router, landing address, well general default user name and password are admin.

1, the router management page for password changes, after landing router successfully, we choose “system management” settings, and then select the management control”. Enter the password to be set, must be more complex, and can not set up 123456 or so! After the success of the input Click Save, and then the router management page will automatically exit, and then enter the password later set the password to log in

2, modify the router management login IP, after the success of the re landing router, we choose the network parameters settings, and then select the LAN port settings”. And then we modify the default login IP, here, for example, I entered the:, we can according to the format to fill out the IP address, and then the subnet mask settings do not modify, and then click save. Then routers save settings and settings to take effect, generally speaking routers need to reboot and settings to take effect, then after we landed the management interface of the router, it is necessary to us to set the IP input, the original IP address of will cannot log into the router management interface, the realization of the network security settings.

3, must be on the WiFi encryption, we choose the “Wireless Settings” settings, and then choose wireless security settings”. Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, enter a complex password below. (the shortest is 8 characters, the longest is 63 ASCII code characters or 16 64 hex characters) do not set 12345678 simple digital password!

4, do not easily reveal the password to others. After giving a password to a stranger should be immediately modified wifi.

Administrator user name and password to manage the router, the router security is very important.If you forget the administrator user name or password, please try to solve the following method.

TP-LINK wireless router has three types of log in, please confirm your router login mode and the corresponding solution method:

1, request to enter the administrator password
Log in to request an administrator password

The administrator password is the first time to log on to the router interface when the 6-15 password is set. If you forget the administrator password that was set at that time, reset the router and then reset the administrator password and log in.

2, requires the input user name and password
(1) if the user name and password has not been modified, please enter the admin, password admin login (the letter is lowercase).
(2) if you have modified the user name or password, but forget, please reset the router, the user name and password are entered in admin login (the letter is lowercase).

3, request input password
(1) if the login password has not been modified, please enter admin login (the letter is lowercase).
(2) if the login password has been modified but forget, please reset the router, enter the admin login (the letter is lowercase)

Router reset method
Wireless router reset button has two kinds: RESET buttons and RESET holes.But the reset method is the same. The following specific methods: reset router is energized, hold down the RESET key for 5 seconds or more, you can let go. (RESET hole to use clips spikes hold)

The Netgear company Netgear wireless router performance is superior, practical and aesthetically pleasing, in today’s demanding application and a home network, you will be able to find a coverage of the fits your needs products.

These wireless products in quality, ease of use, reliability and security aspects have good performance in many of our received wireless products. This article will introduce the network parts company’s wireless router settings.

First step WGR614v6 access network
– the most common use of a home or small office network at present is the ADSL access, which is connected directly to the Internet with a computer dial-up network:

– one of the four local area network ports to be connected to the WGR614v6
– use another cable to connect the WGR614v6’s Internet port (the port on the router) to the ADSLMODEM.
Second step computer network property configuration
In the configuration of the router, the first to use the computer to manage the router’s network configuration, the following WindowsXPHomeEditionServicePack2 as an example to illustrate the computer configuration process:

2.2. set the computer to “get IP address automatically” and “get the DNS server address automatically.””:
Third step log router
3.1. to ensure that the computer has been in accordance with the first step of the four LAN port by connecting to the router, the router.
3.2. to open the computer’s InternetExplorer or NetscapeNavigator and other browsers, in the browser’s address bar, enter the address bar
“Note” first set up the router must be in accordance with the above steps and later management of the router or change the configuration, only need to type in IE browser. At this time, the router will be required to provide a user name and password. Login router user name: admin, password: password, are lower case
“Note” no matter what kind of access the your broadband, must first through the way to connect to the router, the corresponding set in the basic settings page, after the completion of the wireless transceiver can only, before using a wireless connection. Then the content will be introduced ADSL dial-up, fixed IP and dynamic IP three broadband access mode in the basic settings configuration.

Route long, often forget the password. Methods in addition to reset the default password, to share with you.

Reset method for TP-link wireless router:
TL-WR3xx/TL-WR5xx/TL-WR6xx reset method
TL-WR340G+/TL-WR541G+ (1.6) /TL-WR641G+ (1.6): in the state, hold down the RESET key for more than 5 seconds, the router will return to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user password admin/admin;

Traditional reset method is: first turn off the power, then press the reset button, and then turn on the power, until the system lights flash three times and then release the reset button, the router will revert to the default values. Default management address:, the default user name password: admin/admin;

TL-WR7xxN/TL-WR841N/TL-WR941N reset method
TL-WR7xxN/TL-WR841N/TL-WR941N: add power state, hold down the RESET key for more than 5 seconds, the router will revert to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user password admin/admin;

V1 TL-WR841N: first off the power, and then hold down the RESET key to open the power, wait for the system lights flash three times after the release of the RESET key, the router will be restored to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user password admin/admin;
V2 TL-WR841N: add power state, 5 seconds in a row to press RESET key 3 times, the router will be restored to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user password admin/admin;

Wireless AP reset method
TL-WA501G+ 2 reset method: add power state, hold down the RESET key for more than 5 seconds, the router will revert to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user password admin/admin;

TL-WA501G+ 1 reset method: first off power, then hold down the RESET key, and then turn on the power for 3 seconds, SYSTEM lights after the first light, AP will be restored to the factory default. Default management address:, the default user name password: admin/admin;
TL-WA501G reset method: first off power, then hold down the RESET key, and then turn on the power for 3 seconds, SYSTEM lights after the first light, AP will be restored to the factory default value. Default management address:, the default user name password: admin/admin