Solutions to WiFi disconnection or slow speed

Recently, the home wireless crash, always appear disconnection or slow speed, how to solve this problem, the following edition will bring you a detailed solution, let’s take a look at it.

Recently, when my laptop connects to WiFi, it’s often disconnected or slow, and plug-in wires don’t exist at all. After that, I tried to set up the computer wireless network card and successfully solved this problem. Now I will share this operation skill.

Computer WiFi is often disconnected or slow

  1. First, on the start icon in the lower left corner, click the right mouse button, and then click Open Device Manager.
  2. After opening the computer device manager, expand the “network adapter”, and then on the device with the name of the wireless network card with Wireless, click the right mouse button, and then click to open the “properties”
  3. After opening the wireless network properties, switch to Advanced Options, then click 802.1 on the left, then change the default “Long and Short” on the right to “Long only”, and then click “Make sure to save” at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that the settings here are different for different computers. For example, some computers are like the following, and the operation is similar.¬†Change Automation to 20 Mhz.
  4. Finally, restart the computer in order to take effect. After restart, the problem is solved. Very few computers with WiFi are easy to drop or slow down.

In fact, some computers connected to WiFi are unstable or slow, mainly because of compatibility problems between the 11ac standard wireless network card and 802.11n router, which can be avoided by the simple settings mentioned above. If you encounter Internet users who are easy to disconnect or slow to connect to WiFi, you might as well try it.